Helping You Secure a Better Financial Future

Unfortunately, so many honest, hard-working Americans fall behind on their bills or have an unexpected health event that depletes their finances. If you have fallen into a similar situation, you are probably worried about providing food and shelter for you and your children. Bankruptcy may be the best way forward to reclaim your long-term financial stability. 

Despite the stigma surrounding the word, “bankruptcy” is an extremely powerful tool used by individuals and businesses alike to regain their financial footing. You may file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to wipe away most of your unsecured debts; there are some differences between these two types, but the goal and end results are the same. Another benefit of filing for bankruptcy is receiving what is called an automatic stay, which compels your creditors to cease collection practices – putting an end to those stress-inducing phone calls and letters. 

If you are dealing with a seemingly insurmountable amount of personal debt, understand that you have options. Reach out to Charles Tyler, Sr., Esq. today to discuss your options and set you on the path to financial freedom.